Dokan Online

مرحباً بكم في دكان اون لاين

About Dokan Online:

An online store that uses the latest methods to reach the customer, whether at home or at work, to make purchases through the website or the smart phone application, as we are committed to carrying out the highest quality standards and the lowest cost according to the local market.

Dokan Online was established in the State of Qatar according to the increase in demand for electronic stores in the country, as Dokan Online relies on a distinguished staff in all areas in which the store operates.

Dokan Online builds smart services for each given and does not depend on preconceived solution rules, but according to the required data. We strongly believe that it is necessary to meet each challenge with a unique response, and thus consider each business a new challenge.

Dokan Online provides a complete package of professional services that suit customers' requirements and aspirations. Our services in the online store transform desires and wishes into a tangible reality, as it organizes and coordinates all products, materials, equipment and technology under one roof, and to achieve this goal Dokan Online To provide the following services during the implementation period while providing continuous strategic advice through its relationship with suppliers.

The services that Dokan Online provides to suppliers will challenge the local market. Good product management, proper coordination and planning and good monitoring of the good management of the online store, and we are committed to good management of contracts and procurement affairs with suppliers and our commitment to them, and good management to avoid risks, as we have experience in managing sites and direct and indirect coordination, and we always strive to develop and know The necessary methods to take advantage of the necessary technologies to manage time and we try to be always aware of all the modern technologies of the electronic store in order to meet the requirements of the modern era and to provide our customers with the highest level of services accompanied by quality and safety methods necessary in permanent and joint cooperation with suppliers.

Our principles:

Our primary job at Dokan Online is to adopt the following principles:

  1. Defining the project's objectives and plans, including identifying the required work, products and characteristics, and selecting suppliers in the project.
  2. Raising the level of efficiency of using credit cards by paying with them through Dokan Online, taking into account cash payment on delivery.
  3. Increase awareness among citizens and residents, and contribute to the State’s directives of the importance and potential of electronic stores, and increase the global demand for them.

Dokan Online manages suppliers' products, and the supplier can view the customers of their products, their data, prices and orders that have been ordered through the store.

Our ultimate goal is to gain the confidence of our customers in the online store through secure payment and reduce the exorbitant fees for delivery, especially via the Internet or through social media programs.

Customers will view us as an integral part of their success as we provide them with access to the product, its specifications and its price without having to move and move from one place to another to obtain it.

Dokan Online looks forward to working with customers in advance coordination with suppliers, and this is what develops in the customer’s mind. Continuing to buy through the store, as Dokan Online will always adopt the establishment of long-term relationships with them based on trust and excellence in providing services in cooperation and prior coordination with Suppliers.

Dokan Online vision is to provide professionalism and comprehensive services while maintaining an advanced and flexible business approach to meet the needs and goals of customers.